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Parliament's Presiding Officers wish everyone a prosperous 2019

From the Presiding of Parliament with love....”a safe, delightful and joyous Christmas to you all”

Modise: Our work must include absorbing and sharing the shocks – engaging and cooperating with civil society and other stakeholders to build stronger and independent institutions protecting democracy, which must translate into capacitated citizens of the world #RussiaCouncil

In her address as the conference’s first speaker, Modise told delegates from various parliaments across the world that it was the role of parliamentarians to monitor gaps, lapses and correct the dis-connect between the people and the democratic institutions #RussiaCouncil

Congratulating Federation Council on its 25th anniversary and underscoring the importance of such international conference, Ms Modise said parliamentary diplomacy can be effective tool to enhance cooperation, solidarity, people-to-people relations amongst countries #RussiaCouncil

Transport Committee Disappointed with the Rise in Road Fatalities and Calls for New Programmes… - 17 Jan 2019

Workers and Organised Labour Urged to Be Vigilant about Compliance with National Minimum Wage Act… - 16 Jan 2019

Water and Sanitation Must Put Measures to Prevent Further Loss of Life in Giyani - 16 Jan 2019

Terrorist Attacks in Kenya - 16 Jan 2019

Live now on Parliament TV. Briefing by @deptoflabour and Parliamentary Legal Services on the proposed technical am… - 16 Jan 2019

RT @Banyana_Banyana: More pics from @Banyana_Banyana tour of @ParliamentofRSA in @CityofCT @SAFA_net @SasolLeague @SasolSA #limitless https… - 14 Jan 2019

RT @Banyana_Banyana: At @ParliamentofRSA with @Banyana_Banyana earlier today @SAFA_net @SasolLeague @SasolSA - 14 Jan 2019

Welcome to your Parliament, the #PrideofTheNation @Banyana_Banyana - 14 Jan 2019

Masinga a Component of Golden Generation of SA Footballers – Committee Chair - 14 Jan 2019

Ban Cell Phone Use by Frontline Staff at Home Affairs Offices - 14 Jan 2019

TRANSPORT COMMITTEE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE RISE IN ROAD FATALITIES AND CALLS FOR NEW PROGRAMMES The Portfolio Committee on Transport has voiced disappointment in the high number of fatalities recorded on South African roads during the 2018 festive season. - 17 Jan 2019

WORKERS AND ORGANISED LABOUR URGED TO BE VIGILANT ABOUT COMPLIANCE WITH NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE ACT The Portfolio Committee on Labour has encouraged all workers and organised labour to be vigilant in ensuring that employers comply with the National Minimum Wage Act, as promulgated in November 2018. - 16 Jan 2019

WATER AND SANITATION MUST PUT MEASURES TO PREVENT FURTHER LOSS OF LIFE IN GIYANI The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation, Mr Mlungisi Johnson, has called for urgent measures to prevent any further loss of life caused by open manholes and trenches in Giyani and other parts of SA. - 16 Jan 2019

TERRORIST ATTACKS IN KENYA The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation, Mr Siphosezwe Masango, has said that terrorist attacks such as those experienced in Kenya are deeply concerning and have no place in Africa. - 16 Jan 2019

MASINGA A COMPONENT OF GOLDEN GENERATION OF SA FOOTBALLERS – COMMITTEE CHAIR The Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation has said it is saddened by the premature passing of South Africa’s soccer legend, Mr Phil Masinga, on the weekend. - 14 Jan 2019

BAN CELL PHONE USE BY FRONTLINE STAFF AT HOME AFFAIRS OFFICES The Chairperson of Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, Mr Hlomani Chauke, has urged the Department of Home Affairs to consider an outright ban on cell phone usage by front line staff during working hours at all Home Affairs offices. - 14 Jan 2019

POLICE CHAIRPERSON CONDEMNS SENSELESS KILLING OF POLICE OFFICER The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Police, Mr Francois Beukman, has condemned in the strongest terms the killing of a South African Police Officer and the wounding of another one in Koffiefontein, in the Free State. - 11 Jan 2019

NCOP ADOPTS SEVERAL BILLS DURING ITS PLENARY SITTING TODAY The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) today at it special Plenary Sitting adopted three bills: the Public Service Commission Amendment Bill, the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill and the Electoral Laws Amendment Bill. - 10 Jan 2019

Parliament livestream starting at 11am of National Council of Provinces special sitting to consider Public Service Commission Amendment Bill, Traditional & Khoi-San Leadership Bill and Electoral Laws Amendment Bill. watch live via this link - 10 Jan 2019

NCOP HOLDS A SPECIAL PLENARY SITTING The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) will tomorrow hold a plenary House Sitting for consideration of Public Service Commission Amendment Bill, the Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill and the consideration of Electoral Laws Amendment Bill. - 9 Jan 2019