The Artworks Office of Parliament was established in 2001 to ensure that the art, artefact and heritage collections in Parliament are preserved, documented, maintained and accessible to the public. Before the establishment of the Office the art works were managed by the Library of Parliament and the first art works were acquired during the early 1920s. While these collections are historically important and valuable they do not represent all the people and the art of this country. To deal with these absences the Office hopes to develop the collection by acquiring works of contemporary South African artists as well as traditional items that reflect indigenous knowledge systems.

Parliament has close to 4000 items of artistic and/or heritage value in its collections. A few date back as far as the 17th century. The collections include a variety of subjects in a number of different media, such as images of people and places, some well known and some anonymous, in drawing, painting (oil and watercolour) and sculpture. The collections also include a large number of maps and photographs.

The Office’s activities include updating the inventories, undertaking research and maintaining a conservation programme with specialist service providers. It ensures that the collections are stored in conditions that meet museum best practices. It supplies internal heritage-related support in Parliament. The Office fulfills a public outreach function as well by answering queries from researchers, publishers and general visitors.

Staff members:

Robin Kirsten 021 403-2123
Mr Nigel Scholtz 021 403-8684
Mr Robert Dolby 021 403-2031


A rainy afternoon: substitute for an umbrella
Charles D BELL (1813-1882)
Pencil and watercolour
Image size: 100 x 168 mm
Accession number: 72 Artwork

Crossing the Sunday's River
Francois LE VAILLANT  (1753-1824)
Image size: 230 x 366 mm
Accession number: 34340 (8) Artwork

"Dit is 'n leuen"
Daniel C. BOONZAIER (1856-1950)
Ink drawing
Paper Size: 382 x 289 mm
Accession number: 20348 (v) Artwork

Map of Africa
(Totius Africae tabula, & descriptio universalis etiam ultra Ptolemaei limites extensa)
Sebastian MUNSTER (1489-1552)
Handcoloured woodcut map
Image size: 287 x 355 mm
Accession number: 25581

Dawn over Africa (detail)
Raymond ANDREWS (1948 - )
Oil on wood relief
640 x 2000 mm
Accession number: ARTW.653

Gen J C Smuts, 1919
Sir William ORPEN (1878 - 1931)
Oil on canvas
Visible image: 740 x 614 mm
Accession number: ARTW.061