Mr. Xolile George


The Office of the Secretary to Parliament (STP) is responsible for the provision of efficient administrative support to the Accounting Officer. This entails the coordination
of governance structures that assist the Accounting Officer to comply with fiduciary and strategic functions of the Parliamentary Service.

The registry office ensures that the correspondence coming in and leaving the STP’s Office is processed efficiently to facilitate quick decision-making. The unit ensures that the meetings and submissions meet the minimum quality requirements, and that they are distributed timeously to the different members of the governance structures. The unit tracks action items emanating from these meetings.

At Parliament of South Africa, the Administration is an inclusive, diverse, and multicultural organization where everyone is affirmed, and their contributions are valued. We appreciate the need for work-life balance and recognize that employees are more than just a workforce but are, first and foremost, human beings. We take advantage of the digital revolution brought in by the 4IR and as such we provide a flexible working environment. We are consistent and treat everyone equally and with professionalism irrespective of the position they hold. We create space for finding and belonging, personal growth and development, where people are challenged to expand their capacities to think innovatively to solve people’s problems.

Our forward thinking, caring and responsive leadership connects and builds trusting relationships with the people; creates a safe and enabling environment where people listen to each other with an open mind, open heart, and less judgement; where people continually reflect and learn together as a collective.

Teamwork is an explicit part of our approach to work. We believe in open and consistent communication, collaboration, and mutual respect throughout the institution. We put a prime on excellence and as such we put systems in place to ensure that people do the right thing right the first time; work collectively in pursuit of a common goal; take pride and ownership of the work they do and produce; deliver on their promise; and perform tasks and responsibilities in a manner that demonstrates empathy.

We approach our roles with a profound sense of responsibility, integrity and commitment in upholding the values of our institution. We encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and consider the effect these have on others. We hold each other accountable and recognize people for the work they do. Most importantly, we recognize and reward value driven culture and excellent performance.
We invite you to be part of a reciprocal relationship of shared success as we build a better future together, for both ourselves and the South African society.