Heritage Day Lecture

The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) will celebrate Heritage Month by hosting a virtual lecture (on Wednesday) and a debate (on Thursday) under the theme: “Reviving communities and improving their quality of life through heritage and sustainability.”

The first democratic government of South Africa declared September 24 as a Heritage Day in order to celebrate the richness of South Africa’s unique cultural landscape and history. The annual celebrations, amongst other things, provide platforms for various communities to showcase their heritage through creative expressions of music and performances, to educate and contribute to the transfer of indigenous knowledge across various communities and generations.

The 2020 Heritage Day lecture is convened as a means of ensuring the continued recognition of the value of heritage and cultural diversity in the context of the country’s nation-building and socio-economic development programme. Parliament appreciates that the cultural industries, for instance, which contribute over R60 billion to the country’s gross domestic production (GDP) and growing, should receive targeted interventions to accelerate its development while ensuring its sustainability.

The lecture will be addressed by the Executive Director of the South African Cultural Observatory based at the Nelson Mandela University, Dr. Unathi Lutshaba. Dr. Lutshaba will provide a macroeconomic mapping perspective of South Africa’s cultural and creative industries while highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on the sector.


Date: Wednesday, 16 September 2020
Time: 14:00 – 18:00
Venue: Virtual Platform

During its Thursday plenary, the NCOP will follow through on the lecture by hosting a Heritage Day Debate to be led by the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Mr. Nathi Mthethwa. Annually South Africans use the Heritage Day celebrations as a time to reflect on how, individually and collectively, they contribute to promoting social cohesion; and social compacts to optimise peace, reconciliation, economic development and a better life for all people in South Africa. This year’s Heritage Day comes at a time when the country is registering significant positive progress in the war against a global pandemic – Covid19. As Parliament observes this important day, South Africans are urged to sustain the fight against Covid-19 which, despite the reduced alert levels, remains unrelenting in its ruthless impact.


Date: Thursday, 17 September 2020
Time: 14:00
Venue: Virtual Platform

Members of the media who would like to observe the Public Lecture may forward their contact details to Mr. Mlindi Mpindi on mmpindi@parliament.gov.za for inclusion in the Parliament Communications Service WhatsApp group, where login details will be shared. Journalists are urged to forward the request using their official email addresses (no private emails).

Members of the public may follow the virtual engagement live on Parliament TV (DSTV Channel 408), via live stream on Parliament YouTube channel and Twitter page on the links below. You may subscribe to the Parliament YouTube channel to receive instant notification of live feeds.

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