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Parliament, Monday, 03 January 2022 - The Presiding Officers of Parliament have noted with distress yet another flare up of flames on the roof of the National Assembly Building in Cape Town. The almost two-day brave and courageous battle by firefighters against the flames that gutted various buildings of Parliament suffered a set-back when flames suddenly flared up from the roof of the Building this afternoon.

Firefighters at the scene have been reinforced following the sudden re-emergence of the raging fire. There are currently six (6) firefighting appliances and a hydraulic platform, with 34 firefighters actively fighting the flames at the scene.

The resurgence of the fire follows earlier information from firefighters regarding the risky high temperature levels at the gutted buildings.

The multi-agency and multi-pronged team of engineers, which arrived at Parliament today was scheduled to begin with its investigative work.

The Presiding Officers continue to be encouraged by the resilience, courage and bravery of the firefighters in their battle to bring the fire under complete control.

Enquiries: Moloto Mothapo, 0823706930