Parliament, Monday 28 September 2015 - Parliament rejects incorrect claims by an anonymous source in a Sunday newspaper report that 'no one at the National Assembly Table was aware' of the scheduled swearing-in of Mr Mosebenzi Zwane as a Member of Parliament on September 03.

The source further claims that officials in Parliament were surprised when Deputy Speaker Mr Lechesa Tsenoli, informed them that Mr Zwane, the new MP, was already in his office. This is incorrect.

Parliament's Accounting Officer and Secretary to Parliament, Mr Gengezi Mgidlana, as well as the Secretary to the National Assembly, Mr Masibulele Xaso, were aware, in advance, of the planned swearing-in.

Following receipt by Parliament of the nomination of Mr Zwane by his Party, the date for the swearing was determined based on the availability of the Presiding Officer and Mr Zwane to conduct the ceremony. Plans for the ceremony were accordingly made and implemented.

Parliament takes responsibility for travel and accommodation requirements for new Members where Parties to which they belong request such support to be provided. No such request was made in respect of Mr Zwane. This is not unusual and happens in instances where new Members are already in Cape Town.

The manner in which the swearing-in of Mr Zwane was conducted, announced and published is consistent with practice since 1994. No concern was raised from any quarter regarding the process until the recent appointment of Mr Zwane to his current position.