Parliament, Thursday 23 November 2017 – The work of the High Level Panel on Assessment of Key Legislation and Acceleration of Fundamental Change can be accessed on The special site contains the Panel’s full report, an executive summary of the report and several other documents related to the Panel’s assessment.

Former President Kgalema Motlanthe and Chairperson of the Panel handed the report to the Speakers’ Forum on 21 November. The Speakers’ Forum appointed the Panel in January 2016 to assess the impact of the laws of our democracy. Of the more than 1 000 laws passed since our first democratic election in 1994, the Panel identified certain pieces of legislation for special consideration in three main focus areas:

  • Poverty, unemployment and the equitable distribution of wealth
  • Land reform, sustainable livelihoods and rural development and security of tenure
  • Social cohesion and nation building

The Panel embarked on a series of public hearings, roundtables and calls for written public submissions throughout the country to hear from people: Have the laws of our democracy and their application helped or hindered us in realising the kind of society envisaged in our Constitution? What are the gaps? Are there too many laws? Are many of them too complicated?


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