Parliament, Thursday 24 September 2020 – Parliament has noted with concern the Citizen newspaper's story, which is replete with blatant falsehoods and fictitious references, claiming that Parliament will fully open for physical meetings in Cape Town on 5 October.

As if these fabrications were not bad enough, the story further claims that “regular Cabinet programme will resume on 6 October," cringeworthily attributing this to what it calls "parliament’s communications department."

Not only does the newspaper seem to be inventive with sources and attributions, but it also seems unable to distinguish between Parliament and the Cabinet as it uses the two interchangeably. It boggles the mind how such errors could make it through the newspaper's checks and balances into the public domain.

At no point has the newspaper made an attempt to contact or interview Parliament for its story.

Parliament will be writing to the Press Ombudsman to seek redress for this unbecoming conduct.

For the record, Parliament has been open for business (even under the lockdown regulations) since April.

MPs have been working both from the precinct and remotely, through what is called the hybrid system, in order to conform to the current Covid-19 regulations that prescribe the number of people that can gather in one place to perform various duties. No decision has been taken regarding any change to this status quo.

Members of Parliament are currently on constituency period following an intense third term programme, which also had to be extended several times, in order to complete the urgent business of Parliament.

Enquiries: Moloto Mothapo 082 370 6930