Parliament, Tuesday 17 March 2020 – A special meeting between Presiding Officers, chief whips and party representatives was held this morning to discuss the parliamentary programme and to receive a briefing on institutional arrangements in the light of the President’s announcement of a national state of disaster, as a result of Covid-19.

This meeting agreed that a sitting of the National Assembly will be held on Wednesday, 18 March at 11:00 to consider the following matters, which have specific time-frames and require consideration by the Assembly:

  • Division of Revenue Bill [B3 – 2020]
  • Judicial Matters Amendment Bill [B13B – 2019]
  • Draft notice and schedule determining the rate at which salaries are payable to magistrates annually
  • Draft notice and schedule determining the rate at which salaries are payable to Constitutional Court judges and judges of other courts annually

The Presiding Officers wish to encourage all members, staff and visitors to take the necessary personal precautions.

Parliament has also put in place various preventative measures against the Coronavirus, including sanitisers, screening checks for members, staff and visitors as well as a medical support team.

At the conclusion of the sitting on Wednesday 18 March, the business of the Assembly, which includes sittings of the House, committees and public hearings, will be suspended until further notice.

The last sitting of the National Council of Provinces will be on Thursday, 19 March and its business will also be suspended until further notice.

Parliament will be closed to the public until further notice. Arrangements are also being made to reduce the number of staff members in the precinct in line with the President's announcement.

Enquiries: Moloto Mothapo 082 370 6930