Mr Dumisani Fannie Mthenjane

National Assembly
Party: Economic Freedom Fighters on the provincial list for the province of Mpumalanga


Member of the following committees

Portfolio Committee on Small Business Development

Parliament Membership History

Member of Parliament since 2019

Political Leadership Background

Student activist whilst still at high school. Incarcerated frequently whilst a learner at school for fight against the system.

In 2013 joined EFF Branch Command Team (BCT) Member to continue the fight for total economic freedom in our lifetime

In 2014 became Community Liaison Officer/provincial security for EFF in Mpumalanga.

2017 became Provincial Command Team (PCT) Member.

2018 elected in Mangaung as candidate for NA.

2019 sworn in as Member of National Assembly


Grade 12


Watching soccer


Indigenousness games

Political Ideas / Achievements Goals & Ambitions for the country

I would like to see South Africa achieve total economic emancipation. I would also like to see South Africa and Africa as a continent to develop into a free trade zone. It would be ideal if all humanity, on the African continent and in fact the entire world, lived in peace and have mutual respect and acceptance of one another. I strongly believe that these goals could be achieved if Africa becomes a unified continent as a united states of Africa using one currency and one official language. Lastly I would like to see all African children take education seriously because that is the only weapon to realise this dream.