Ms Sharon Pinky Kekana

National Assembly
Deputy Minister in The Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Party: African National Congress on the provincial list for the province of Limpopo

Parliament Membership History

Member of Parliament since 2014

Political Leadership Background

Ms Kekana was elected to the provincial legislature in 1999 and was re-elected in 2009. She has served as the Executive Mayor of Waterberg District and a MEC for Roads and Transport as well as a MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism.

2015 she was elected to the African National Congress Women's League National Executive Committee and was subsequently deployed to be the Secretary-General of the Pan African Women Organisation (PAWO). In her capacity as Secretary-General of PAWO

2017 she was elected to the African National Congress National Executive Committee.

2018 she was appointed by the President of the Republic of South Africa as the Deputy Minister of Communications


Bachelor of Arts in Education and Teaching

Past Committee Memberships

Standing Committee on Finance

Ad Hoc Committee on the Filling of Vacancies in the Commission for Gender Equality.

Political Ideas / Achievements Goals & Ambitions for the country

As South Africa moves rapidly towards the large-scale adoption of digitisation and the use of cutting edge technology, through the current era of the 4th industrial revolution that is upon us, she believes that rural South Africans should have access to the same technological advantages to live, work, and play, as their city-dwelling counterparts.

As the Secretary-General of PAWO, she drives the agenda of African women on the continent, ensuring that more women can have access to opportunities that will benefit them and their local communities. Her long-term vision is to ensure that everyone, particularly women and girls, know a world where “women-firsts” are no longer a precursor to any statement.