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Public hearings on the Communal Property Associations (CPA) Bill [B12-2017] will continue in the Limpopo Province on Thursday, 10 August 2016.

The Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform last week heard from various CPAs in the Western Cape about corruption, mismanagement of funds and interference from local political structures. In the Clanwilliam area, CPAs beneficiaries highlighted the need for monitoring and inspection of CPAs where properties are often sold without the consent of the beneficiaries.

In the George area the Committee heard similar stories – but also about the training needs that exist about how the beneficiaries can best utilise the properties they have received.

In Queenstown in the Eastern Cape, the Committee heard about the interference of traditional leaders, which leads not only to CPAs being placed under administration, but in most cases beneficiaries are being misled into selling their properties. While Queenstown has a number of CPAs which are functioning to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries, they too agree that the proposed amendments would be beneficial in protecting their properties from future maladministration.  

This week CPAs beneficiaries in the Limpopo Province will be afforded the opportunity to raise their concerns, dissatisfaction and opinions about the proposed amendments which seek to ensure that CPAs work effectively to improve the lives of CPAs beneficiaries and communities.

By Felicia Lombard
10 August 2017