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Call for Submission and Comment: Portfolio Committee on Police on Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill [B22-2017]

The Portfolio Committee on Police invites interested people and stakeholders to submit written comments on the Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill [B 22-2017].

The Bill seeks:

  • to provide for the identification and declaration of infrastructure as critical infrastructure;
  • to provide for guidelines and factors to be taken into account to ensure transparent identification and
  • declaration of critical infrastructure;
  • to provide for measures to be put in place for the protection, safeguarding and resilience of critical
  • infrastructure;
  • to provide for the establishment of the Critical Infrastructure Council and its functions;
  • to provide for the administration of the Act under the control of the National Commissioner as well as
  • the functions of the National Commissioner in relation to the Act;
  • to provide for the establishment of committees and their functions;
  • to provide for the designation and functions of inspectors;
  • to provide for the powers and duties of persons in control of critical infrastructure;
  • to provide for reporting obligations; to provide for transitional arrangements;
  • to provide for the repeal of the National Key Points Act, 1980, and related laws; and
  • to provide for matters connected therewith.

Submissions must be addressed to the Portfolio Committee on Police, for attention: Ms Babalwa Mbengo, PO Box 15, Parliament of South Africa, Cape Town, 8000, and must be received by no later than 13:00 on Friday, 24 November 2017. Please indicate your interest in making a verbal presentation to the Committee.

For enquiries or to obtain a copy of the Bill, please contact Ms Babalwa Mbengo on Tel: 021 403 3741; Cell: 083 709 8489; e-mail:  or visit the Parliamentary website on

Issued by Mr F Beukman, MP Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Police.