Have Your Say: Amendments to the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill [B19 – 2020]

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services is currently considering amendments to the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill [B19 – 2020]. The committee invites interested parties/stakeholders to make written submissions on proposals to extend the subject of the Bill to, in addition, provide for:

  • commercial activities in respect of recreational cannabis;
  • the cultivation, possession and supply cannabis plants and cannabis by cultural or religious communities or organisations for cultural or religious purposes; and
  • the use of cannabis for palliation or medication;

Submissions must be received by no later than 13 May 2022.

Enquiries may be directed to Mr V Ramaano. Submissions must be emailed to cannabisbill@parliament.gov.za. Copies of the extended Bill with amendments under consideration may be obtained from Mr V Ramaano, cell: 083 709 8427 or www.parliament.gov.za

Issued by Hon. Mr BG Magwanishe, MP, Chairperson: PC on Justice and Correctional Services