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Parliament, Thursday 23 June 2022 – During its meeting this morning, the Subcommittee on Physical Removal of Members from Chamber agreed to make a recommendation to the National Assembly Rules Committee that the report on the removal of Members from the Chamber on 9 and 10 June 2022 be referred to the Powers and Privileges Committee for consideration and report.

The subcommittee was convened to look into the physical removal of Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) members from the National Assembly Chamber on 9 and 10 June during the Presidency Budget Vote and the Reply to the Debate on the Budget Vote.

The Members were removed from the Chamber and on the online platform after, on both days and during the course of proceedings, they engaged in disorderly conduct and spurious points of order. The Speaker ruled on all of the points of order that purported to question the presence and address by the President to the Assembly.

Members of the EFF continued to persist with the conduct by taking turns repeating same points of order, despite the rulings by the Speaker and in clear disregard of her authority. The Speaker then ordered each member who was in defiance of her ruling to withdraw from the chamber, and where the members refused to withdraw, instructed for their removal from the chamber through the Sergeant-at-Arms. Only when this was resisted, did the Speaker issue an instruction for the assistance of the Parliamentary Protection Services(PPS).

On both days, scuffles ensued when the PPS personnel had to use reasonable force to remove members who were resisting their removal.

The members of the Committee agreed that during the sittings the Speaker had done everything within her powers to maintain order, even though the Members persisted in disturbing the House proceedings

The report will now be considered by the Rules Committee.

Furthermore, the EFF on 10 June 2022 submitted a complaint to the Speaker of the NA requesting a full investigation of alleged gender-based violence and sexual harassment against EFF MPs who were forcefully removed from the National Assembly on both days.

The PPS staff have also complained about the violent treatment they received from Members of the EFF who resisted and actively hindered them from carrying out the Speaker’s instruction to remove offending members from the chamber. The PPS further reported that violence, threats, intimidation were meted out to them by certain members of the EFF, and in one instance, by male EFF MP(s) against female PPS member.

A criminal complaint has already been laid with the South African Police Service at the Cape Town Central Police Station.

The Sergeant-At-Arms was also pushed when he was carrying out a directive given by the Speaker in terms of the Rules.

The Speaker, having considered all the complaints submitted to her, has resolved that an independent investigation should be conducted to look into the matter. A senior counsel is being engaged for this purpose.

The date of the commencement of the investigation is still to be confirmed.

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