Have Your Say: Hydrographic Bill [B 17b-2018] (National Assembly– Sec 75)

The Select Committee on Security and Justice invites stakeholders and interested persons to submit written submissions on the Hydrographic Bill [B 17B-2018] (National Assembly– sec 75).

The Hydrographic Bill seeks, amongst other matters, to:

  • provide for the establishment of the Hydrographic Office; 
  • provide for its objects, functions and the manner in which it is to be managed; 
  • provide for the appointment and powers of the Hydrographer and the staff in the Hydrographic Office; 
  • regulate the submission of hydrographic data; 
  • regulate the manner in which hydrographic survey marks and copyrights may be protected; 
  • provide for the limitation of civil liability; 
  • provide for the manner in which the income of the Hydrographic Office must be dealt with; 
  • provide for co-operation agreements and to provide for matters connected therewith.


Written submissions must be received by no later than 1 March 2019.

Request for copies of the Bill, written submissions and enquiries must be directed to Mr G Dixon, Select Committee on Security and Justice, 3rd Floor, Office 133, 90 Plein Street, Cape Town, 8001 or emailed to gdixon@parliament.gov.za or faxed to 086 658 9371.

Issued by Hon. SG Mthimunye, MP, Chairperson: Select Committee on Security and Justice.