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Hon NC Mfeketo, MP, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly

A resilient and outstanding community leader with a strong dedication to the advancement of the conditions of poor people, Hon Nomaindia Mfeketo (MP) is no stranger to leadership. Her commitment to the struggle for democracy, justice and development, during the course of which she was detained without trial is what has produces this formidable leader and a visionary.  Her character has also been shaped and moulded on the anvil of the anti–apartheid struggle.
Over the years, she has been a leading member of various organizations, including:
  • The United Women’s Organization
  • United Women’s Congress
  • Western Cape Civics Organization
  • United Democratic Front
  • African National Congress
  • ANC Women’s League
NomaIndiya has been involved in a number of business and NGO initiatives over the past 20 years.  She was employed by ZAKHE – an NGO for 10 Years (1981 – 1991). Her main task during this period was teaching people self – reliance, building co-operatives and helping to establish civic, youth and women’s groups.
During 1991 she joined SCAT – Social Change Assistance Trust
(1991 – 1992), a financial NGO responsible for the funding and establishment of Advice Officers focusing on rural and peri- urban areas.
In 1992 she was employed by DAG – Development Action Group – an NGO focusing on housing options and housing development.
In 1993, she became involved in negotiations that brought the Stat and the Non Stat into council and she gained experience that armed her with a deep understanding of “Fears of the Unknown” because people were still not used to working together at that time.
In 1994, DAG seconded her to work full time in the local government sector, where she played an outstanding role and was elected the Chairperson of the first democratically elected City Council in Cape Town (1996 – 1998) Pre – interim Phase.
In September 1998, she was elected as Mayor of Cape Town. Her experience in Civic, community and NGO affairs made a very significant contribution to the City’s affairs. She was very instrumental in uniting and integrating the people of Cape Town, and Spearheaded the Council’s Transformation initiatives.
In recognition of this leadership role, the University of Cape Town (UCT) conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Law for her outstanding contribution to municipal governance and Community Development.
Hon NomaIndiya Mfeketo has an invaluable experience and expertise in the Business arena. She has been a member and director of many companies, which include IDASA, Saatchi and Saatchi, NURCHA (National Urban Reconstruction Community Housing Association), Faranani Risk Solutions, Sibanye Bus Services (Pty) Ltd and recently was elected alternate chair of SAWIT – the SA Wine Industry Trust.
Her work in the non – governmental sector, largely focused on self help and development projects, resulted in her being seconded to the process of Negotiating a Non Racial Local Government in Cape Town.  In the former City of Cape Town, precursor to the Unicity, she was elected the first Chairperson of the Executive Committee of Council and then was elected as Mayor in 1998.
In November 2002, she was re-elected as Mayor of the City of Cape Town, a Metropolitan Local Government authority which replaced seven former councils. In June 2003, following legislative changes, she became Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town: South Africa’s first ever Woman Executive Mayor of a mayor city.
Her years of experience in Civic, Community and NGO affairs, as well as business. She received the Local Government Management of South Africa Award in 2003 for having launched a massive citizen listening campaign where more than 12000 residents met with the political leadership and administration within one month to formulate a true IDP as Strategy to lead the budget.
She developed a development trajectory that will take the City of Cape Town right through to the year 2020, a vision she is popularized through the public participation process which is known as the Executive Mayor’s Listening Campaign.
She served as a Political Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr Nkosazana Dlamini – Zuma. She was appointed as the member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress and also National Working Committee of the ANC.

In 2008, she sworn in as the Member of Parliament and appointed as the ANC Caucus Chairperson. In 2009, she was sworn in as the Member of Parliament and appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the 4th Democratic Parliament.